welcome to secret societe
we're making the lingerie experience comfortable, affordable, and body positive/neutral.

Wearing lingerie is a personal and intimate affair. It is an expression  of self-love and body appreciation/acceptance.

Whatever your heart desires, we want you to have it - comfort or structure; basic underwear or occasion lingerie; something more conservative, or a little more risqué and daring.

Wearing lingerie is a luxurious and empowering experience, and we believe that every woman should be able to experience this without the guilt and expense that often comes with purchasing quality lingerie.

Confidence comes from being comfortable in your skin, which is why we
1) prioritise comfort and stretch in our lingerie
2) offer lingerie sets to be purchased separately, so that you can choose the right size for you, or mix and match styles as you like.

Inclusive + Genuine.
We provide a lingerie experience that is genuinely supportive, inclusive and open.
We stock size 8 to 26 (S-6XL), and hope to continue improving our range as we grow.

Body Positive/Neutral + Self-Love.
We believe that by practicing body positivity/neutrality and self-love, we are able to develop and nurture loving relationships with our bodies and ourselves.

We hope to help spread the body positivity movement and remove unrealistic standards of beauty in society.

hi, i'm liz.
Secret Societe is my passion project.

Secret Societe combines my love of lingerie with my love of body positivity/neutrality and self-love. Like most women, I grew up plagued with body image insecurities and was constantly preoccupied with fitting into society's expectations of beauty and body. Not long ago, I stumbled across the body positivity and body neutrality movement and it's been a life-changing journey to accepting, appreciating and loving my body and myself.

Most of my experiences with lingerie prior to this point left me feeling defeated, insecure, and believing that I was not deserving of wearing beautiful lingerie because I did not fit society's expectations of beauty. With the expensive pricing, lack of diversity in representation, judgemental sales assistants, and lack of size range - lingerie shopping was an uncomfortable and anxiety-driven event that I avoided.

With Secret Societe, I wanted to change the lingerie experience and make it an expression of body positivity and self-love. Where women with different body sizes and shapes feel accepted, confident, and excited when shopping and wearing lingerie. Where women are able to shop for lingerie that is sexy, comfortable, and affordable.

I hope that through our lingerie and values, Secret Societe is able to spread the body positivity message and help women feel beautiful in their own bodies.

We're a small business, so we don't have everything we would like to, but as we grow, we hope to further expand our range.