Relaunch: The New Secret Societe

Relaunch: The New Secret Societe
Pictured: 'Candice Lace Set' in White

After several months of work and going back to basics, we are relaunching!

Secret Societe is an Australian online lingerie retailer that prioritises comfort, affordability, inclusivity. Our approach to the lingerie experience is a combination of the body positive and body neutral movements.

Secret Societe features a new look, feel, and shopping experience. Our decision to undergo this change is to ensure the brand is a reflection our values of authenticity, honesty, the advancement of women, and women’s empowerment.

We’re changing our look to a sophisticated, natural, and inviting place to shop for lingerie online, with more emphasis on body diversity - something we plan to continue and improve on.

Updating our website's functionality is an important aspect of our relaunch, making the shopping experience easy to use on mobile.


We’ve also decided to introduce our new blogSociete Stories’. We hope this becomes a space where we not only announce news and product launched relating to Secret Societe, but also a place for entertainment, helpful freebies, tips and tricks, interviews, interesting articles, and guest writers. We want ‘Societe Stories’ to be a blog that reflects us as a brand, and is open, intelligent, empowering, thoughtful, and thought-provoking.

What do you want to see in our new blog 'Societe Stories'? If you have an idea, or you are interested in writing for us, please contact us at