A Basic Guide To Bras: 9 Types of Bras Every Woman Should Know

A Basic Guide To Bras: 9 Types of Bras Every Woman Should Know
Our outfits say a lot about us - they are a curation and expression of our personality to the world.
One thing we don’t really think about is the undergarments beneath these outfits, but sometimes a bra can make or break an outfit.
A visible bra under a t-shirt can break a clean and minimalistic look.
A low-cut summer wrap dress can be worn with the right bra to accentuate your assets.
A bra strap showing underneath that unusual designer top you’ve just bought can completely change the look you are going for.
There are so many types of bras available, and with bras being constantly developed and combined, it can be hard to keep track of what types you have and what types you need for your wardrobe.
Here are 9 basic types of bras and differences to know:
1. The Convertible Bra
Convertible Bras are bras with removable/attachable/interchangable, and additional straps. They enable the wearer to change straps according to what you wear on top, which brings a lot of versatility and stops bra straps from ruining your outfit.
2. The Seamless Bra
Seamless Bras are made with invisibility in mind - there are no seams showing through your clothes and free of anything that might show through like hooks, seams, stitches, etc. They usually have cups to support and shape.
3. The Plunge Bra

Pictured: Eyes On U-Bra in Beige
Plunge (sometimes known as U-Bras) are great for wearing underneath clothing with low necklines (like a deep-v tshirt or dress) - they provide a great alternative to stick on bras as the cups are designed to push the breasts together and create cleavage that looks natural.
4. The T-Shirt Bra
T-shirt bras are designed to be worn under clothes and create a rounded and natural shape. THey have a smooth texture (no bumps or lace to be seen through tshirts) and are usually a mid-coverage style.
5. The Push-Up Bra
Push up Bras are designed to create maximum cleavage using padding that pushes the breasts up and in.
6. The Bralette
Bralettes (also known as Bralets), are one of the most comfortable bras. It is wire-free, unlined, and unpadded. Due to the unstructured nature of the bra, it is best for small to average busted women, rather than fuller cups which usually require more support.
7. The Strapless Bra
Strapless Bras are bras without shoulder straps (I know - duh), they usually feature silicone or rubber lining on the inside to help stop the bra from slipping down and to provide the support that is usually given by the shoulder straps.
8. The Demi Bra
Demi Bras (also known as a half or shelf bra) is a bra that covers anywhere from half to three quarters of the breast. The bra is designed in a way usually to create cleavage and lift up the chest (that’s why a lot of push-up bras are also Demi Bras).
9. The Triangle Bra
Triangle bras take their name from their shape. They’re often wireless, and can be padded or non-padded. This makes them very comfortable to wear for long periods.
Every bra style has its own special design and features, each suited to a specific purpose or function.
Next time you are selecting a bra to wear under your outfit, you know which one will be the perfect match to really take it to the next level.
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